1952 Bedford ML with “string of work” done now up and running

One of the oldest rigs on display at Clunes was Geoff Trengove’s 1952 Bedford ML.

Coming strapped with a cracking story, the rig has been continuously registered for more than 70 years now with only two owners and is still on its original plates.

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Purchasing the rig in 1987, Geoff seems to have had a hard time with it over the years.

“When the original owner bought it new, he drove it and drove it. Every time the tray wore out he would just go to the truck wreckers and buy a secondhand tray and put that on it.

“So, when I got it, there were more tray components than would normally be on there. I started to get a bit suspicious.”

This was just the beginning of what Geoff would soon find out, was a string of work done.

“A few years after I bought it, I was driving to Mildura for a club trip and it just started bucketing down,” he says.

“All of a sudden steam came out from under the bonnet and we knew that something wasn’t right.”

It turns out that the truck had various engine and water pump rebuilds, with the same old fan blades being placed back on the truck every time.

“The fan blades must have done 300,000 miles and they had a fatigue crack in them.”

Since the initial struggles, Geoff has managed to bring the old girl back to life, painting it up in the early 90’s and getting it spick and span.

“It’s faded now, but I’ve been brush-painting some of it to get it back to being presentable,” he says.

One of Geoff’s favourite things to do, back in the day, was drive it through Melbourne late at night.

“All the partygoers would get excited and get a thrill out of it, oh it was fantastic.” 


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