1997 Kenworth with imported chrome caps has “a lot of heads turning”

chrome caps

Many of the trucks in TCB Trans’ fleet turn heads, and for good reason.

Their 1997 Kenworth is no exception.

Managing director Don Madafferi says a lot of work has gone into making it such a stand-out rig.

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“When we bought the truck 20 years ago, it was just a plain white Kenworth,” Don says.

“About four or five years ago, we decided to give it a really good birthday party and gave it a makeover.

“We have done a lot of modifications on it.”

Stripping the truck down, the team didn’t hold back.

Don is quite proud of the strapless fuel tanks they installed, which barely anybody has on their truck.

“We put on a customised bumper bar, gauges, grill, everything,” he says.

“The entire truck is airbrushed too.”

The team even got around to painting the motor and added American air horns.

The chrome caps on the back of the Kenworth were imported from the States, with Don saying he hasn’t seen any trucks in Australia with the same feature.

Still working hard, the truck is on the road everyday carting concrete panels for building sites in Melbourne.

“It definitely has a lot of heads turning on the road,” Don says.

If you thought the rig seemed familiar, you may have seen a glimpse of it on Channel 7.

Don and the team at TCB Transport have been filming their own tv show, Rides Down Under: Aussie Truckers and are heading into their second season.

“It’s been really great filming, and we are excited for everyone to see the next season.”

Have you seen any other chrome caps like this?

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