A Kenworth family

This family works together, plays together, and hits the show circuit together

There’s nothing better than the coming together of two families. Except maybe, the coming together of two family-owned businesses.

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Transport company National Logistics (NL) is the lovechild of Bev and Luke Andrews.

With Bev owning NL before they met, and Luke and his brother BJ owning and operating BJL Transport, their story is a match made in transport heaven.

Following the passing of BJ, Bev and Luke found themselves leaning on each other for support, both personally and professionally.

Both being Melbourne based, accounts manager Jemma says the businesses became like sister companies.

The businesses became like sister companies (Image: Prime Creative Media)


“They just intertwined their companies and have grown since,” she says.

“Back then, they were only small companies, and now they’ve outgrown everything.”

With depots in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, the flourishing company is run by a plethora of Andrews family members.

“Bev has three sons, and a daughter. My partner is Jake, who is the operations manager, and one of Bev’s sons,” Jemma says.

“We’re very family orientated.

“We’ve got two sets of sisters as well that work with us, so we’re all a bit intertwined I guess,” she chuckled.

Jemma says the family grew up around trucks “forever” and has already begun teaching the new generation of Andrews about the trucking business.

The family took this Kenworth to Geelong Convoy (Image: National Logistics)

When the family isn’t busy bossing each other around in close quarters, they enjoy spending their time at truck shows.

Jemma says, “We definitely come to have a bit of a sticky beak at everyone’s stuff and kind of have a look.”

“My partner Jake, he just has a lot of love for trucks. He’s the reason why we go, so we can just have a look around and see what’s on show.”

But it isn’t just truck watching that they come to do. They also put some of their own fleet up for inspection.

The Alexandra Truck, Ute & Rod Show in June had the crew rolling in two white Kenworth T610SARs.

One of the white rigs, aptly named ‘Rolling Down a Dream’, is adorned with blue scrollwork and signwriting.

The four children’s names can be seen in script, running down the backside of the cab alongside custom BJL steelwork.

Jemma says that they spend a fair amount of time preparing the trucks for the occasions.

“A lot of maintenance goes into it. I mean, we have a really well-maintained fleet, so everything is seen to regularly, or more than regularly.”

With only one Scania changeover truck, the NL fleet is packed with Kenworth k200’s, 610’s, 659’s and a 909.

Each truck has BJL Transport on the cab, while National Logistics is plastered on the trailers.

Jemma says the family loves the reliability and quality of Kenworth, proving time and time again to be top of the range.

The brothers rolling in (Image: National Logistics)


“The family take a lot of pride in what equipment they have. Whether that be their trucks or trailers, they still like the equipment underneath, however hidden, to be really high end.”

“They put a lot of money and pride into what they have, and they work hard to maintain that.”

“With the Kenworth’s it’s just personal preference, and they really, really love them.”

Jemma says attending truck shows isn’t just about showing off the flashiest vehicles but connecting with people in the industry.

Image: National Logistics

“The transport industry is a big game, and everyone knows each other,” she says.

“It’s just so nice to see everyone in the one space together. It’s a good social day.”

With plans to attend shows in Castlemaine, Brisbane and the Geelong Convoy, the Andrews show so sign of slowing down.

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