Allied Express subcontractors prefer Isuzu trucks

The pandemic saw a change in the way consumers purchased products, with online shopping and the need for speedy delivery taking priority for many households.

As businesses felt the pressure increasingly worsen, Australia’s largest independently owned logistics specialist Allied Express felt up to the challenge.

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The business, whose swish new head office and distribution centre is situated near the Bankstown Airport in Sydney, prides itself on running a tightly coordinated operation that has been servicing its retail partners since 1978.

Allied Express managing director, Michelle McDowell, says the market changed almost overnight with customers clamouring for timely delivery direct to home.

In a need to appease their loyal customers, the company invested heavily in new infrastructure and equipment to manage this demand.

One such improvement was implementing a state-of-the-art automated sorting and distribution system at the Bankstown facility, which has been purposefully designed to handle bulk volume, large and oddly shaped items.

This focus on improving the sorting and delivery process to provide efficient service for their customers flows to the Allied Express road transport fleet, which is comprised of subcontractors who operate their own vehicles.

Michelle says there is no ‘blueprint’ for the perfect delivery vehicle as Allied Express recruit for the work going—whether that’s door-to-door metro delivery or interstate hauls.

Drivers are amply supported with software and GPS-tracking systems painstakingly developed in-house, seeing them armed with the latest in PDAs, PODs and sign-on-glass technology.

Michelle went on to say that Isuzu Trucks’ model range was a popular choice among Allied Express subcontractors.

“Our fleet consists of a wide variety of trucks, because we do such a gauntlet of different delivery types,” she says.

“Reliability and presentation are very important for Allied Express as our customers put their trust in us to deliver the product on their behalf… it is important for all drivers to keep their vehicles well-presented and for them to be proud of their work.”

Subcontractor Jack Singh says the 2022 model of the FSR 140-260 was the perfect match for his work, which primarily deals with large pallets on a route that takes him through the hustle of Sydney streets and occasionally out for a foray in the countryside.

Isuzu Trucks are the perfect match for Jacks runs (Image: Isuzu Trucks)

“It’s a fantastic truck, I wanted this specific body length and size which makes it perfect for my everyday routine,” he says.

The FSR has proven a prime platform to support Jack’s vision, with an extended wheelbase of nine metres and a 2.6-metre clearance allowing for greater payload and maximising productivity.

For many drivers like Jack, minimising downtime and keeping the breadwinner running at peak performance is a high priority.

Isuzu Trucks offers Jack peace of mind with a rock-solid six-year warranty and six years of roadside assist, with a service agreement package secured from his local Isuzu dealership, Dwyers Truck Centre.

“I’ve got a six-year warranty on this new truck and a service agreement from the dealer,” says Jack.

“This means that if I get a job overnight, I just have to put the keys in the ignition and away I go and I know that I’m covered anywhere in Australia with the nationwide warranty.”


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