Truck Auctions in Australia

Truck auctions take place in Australia for many reasons including insolvent company liquidation, ex lease or ex government trucks, excess trade-in stock, as part of clearance sales, damaged trucks that are repairable, and trucks written off for parts.

Many owner-operators attend truck auctions in the hope of purchasing trucks or machinery at well below normal replacement cost. Before bidding at truck auctions make sure you enquire about the history of the truck, which most reputable auction centres will supply. Truck auctioneers will earn commission on any sale so they should be happy to assist you with pre-sale enquiries. Be careful you do not become caught up in the truck auction bidding frenzy and stick to your bidding limit.

Most auctioneers conduct a number of on-site truck auctions a year as well as conducting on-line auctions allowing access to a wide range of trucks and machinery from the comfort of your office or home.

There are auction centres for truck auctions in all major states and territories in Australia including New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, and in major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Some auctioneers offer government truck auctions of behalf of State and Federal Government Departments.

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