Australian Truck Radio on the up and up

Australian Truck Radio's audience is building every day as more and more drivers tune in to hear a 24/7 station dedicated specifically to them

For Australian Truck Radio’s founder and manager Simon Smith, 2022 was an exciting year.

The digital radio station he imagined, with Australia’s truck drivers in mind, launched onto the world wide web with its website, android and apple Apps providing truck drivers with access to non-stop music, news and entertainment capable of following them across borders.

The digital focus solved the age-old problem faced by drivers travelling long distances who were previously left to scan the radio waves constantly as they rolled along to find the strongest local signal to listen to.

For the Australian Truck Radio listener, it’s a case of locking the station in once and letting it run.

Smith says the station’s music mix is wide, eclectic and constantly evolving to meet the requests of its audience and limit repetition as much as possible.

He says with drivers locked on for hours on end as they traversed the long highways of Australia the station aimed to become part of the journey – another voice around a virtual campfire where truckies across the land shared the same experience at the same time.

Adding to the camaraderie of journey, Australian Truck Radio now has a 24/7 text line on 0401 912 255 to complement the website and facebook page.

Smith says listeners are encouraged to share their feedback, news, anniversaries, birthdays, and song requests with the station to be included in future programming and shout outs.

Moving into 2023 he says the station will be boosting its line-up of interviews and podcasts, including regular conversations with the team from Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds.

Another highlight is sure to be the Australia Day weekend Truckie’s Top 500 countdown – with Australian Truck Radio collecting song suggestions now.

Summing up the ride so far Smith says he couldn’t be happier.

“It’s been sensational, the response,” he says. “I had a text this morning from a listener – `loving the new station, loving the music’ – that’s what it’s all about.”

There’s no hiding the passion for radio in Smith’s voice as he notes that just like the trucking industry the station simply doesn’t stop and it’s ready to serve.

“We listen to you, because you listen to us”.

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