Steve Brooks

Tokyo snapshot

  It’s hard to think of any industrial event, automotive or otherwise, anywhere in the world with the same level of zany appeal as the Japan Mobility Show. Formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show,
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X marks the spot

While supply lines from the US remain stubbornly slow, there’s no denying the potential of Western Star’s new X-series to reignite a return to the days when Stars shone bright across the length and breadth of the country. To put it mildly, there’s a lot to like in the three-pronged line-up but the model with arguably the most to like for our market is the versatile 48X.
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Future of trucking is charging ahead

Be in no doubt, the giants of the trucking world are fast tracking their way to a future where fossil fuels could become almost as extinct as the prehistoric plants that created them. Certainly, it won’t be a quick or easy transition as new technologies radically reshape all forms of automotive power, but it is coming and spearheading the charge is the biggest of them all, Daimler Truck.
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