Baker in milestone Mack fleet expansion

Infrastructure haulage specialist gains two 100-year commemorative trucks


Baker Group is celebrating its 40th birthday with the addition two new 100-year commemorative Macks to its 40-strong truck and dog fleet.

Director Ted Baker started Baker Group in 1980 as a landscape supply business delivering sand, soil and gravel with one truck.

A move into excavation projects in the 1990s led to growth in the fleet, hauling Sydney’s flagship infrastructure projects.

The Baker fleet of 40 truck and dog trailers features 25 Mack trucks, including 12 Tridents, a Super-Liner and six CH models – including the addition of the two 100 Years Limited Edition commemorative Trident models.

“The Mack people are really professional, whether it’s in sales or service,” Baker says.

“They’ve taken the time to genuinely learn about and understand our business, and the trucks they’ve recommended for our operation are technologically advanced and ideally suited for the work we do.”

How Mack lifted the veil on its commemorative range, here

Baker points to clients and government safety expectations forming the business decision to opt for more modern trucks with better safety features.

“We needed trucks that could meet the specifications of the SPECTS [Safety, Productivity and Environment Construction Transpor]t scheme in New South Wales.

“It’s over and above the usual PBS requirements, so we can carry heavier payloads on more routes than we might otherwise be allowed to.

“To justify carrying the bigger payloads you need to demonstrate more sophisticated safety features. Mack were able to meet all of our requirements—anti-roll, anti-collision—you name it.

“This improves safety and reduces traffic and emissions, so it’s a win for everyone.

“Now we’re able to have conversations with the councils about opening up more routes, so we can reduce the impact on local traffic.”

Baker gains trucks one and three in Mack’s 100-year, 100 limited edition truck series, commemorating the first AC model arriving in Australia at the end of the First World War.

Baker’s portfolio includes his own workshop, HVIS station and spare parts business, with his two sons and his daughter working full-time in the business.  

“Mack invited me along and I liked the sound of it, so I put my hand up for two trucks: numbers 1 and 3,” Baker says.

“They asked me for two unique years, so one truck has the year 1980, which is the year we founded the company, and other one has my birthday.

“Our relationship with Mack has just grown stronger and stronger over the years.”

Mack Australia vice president of sales Dean Bestwick was part of the handover.

“The Baker Group is a perfect example of the kind of long-term partnership we look to build,” he says.

“Our aim is to understand what makes our customers tick and provide a total solution for them, and we’re proud to have been a part of the Baker Group’s success over 40 years of continuous operation.

“It’s a big milestone for them, and there’s no better way to commemorate their success than with these unique 100-year Limited Edition Centenary Trucks.”


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