Higer SchoolBoss school / charter bus

By: Allen Matzel

Higer SchoolBoss Higer SchoolBoss
Higer SchoolBoss storage compartment open Higer SchoolBoss storage compartment open
driver's seat Higer SchoolBoss driver's seat Higer SchoolBoss

Allen Matzel goes for a spin in Higer's new school / charter bus, the SchoolBoss, and gives it top marks.

Higer SchoolBoss school / charter bus
The Higer SchoolBoss has the style and clean looks of a good school bus / coach, and with the performance to match.

The latest addition to the Higer family is the 12.2m SchoolBoss, a 57-seat school/charter bus.

Higer has built a very respectable, stylish and clean-looking bus that is comfortable to drive.

Victorian Higer agent Prestige Higer organised the test and a fun day was had driving through the Dandenong Ranges.

Departing Monbulk we headed for Upwey and back into Belgrave, Belgrave South, Emerald, Macclesfield and Silvan.

We covered all types of terrain from lots of long hills to small country roads and some 100km/h running.

The SchoolBoss has plenty of power and the full air-suspension provides a superb ride even over rough roads. The bus is very manoeuverable and has a fantastic turning circle.

There were a couple of hills where the SchoolBoss performed exceptionally well, like the Morris Road hill in Upwey and Fleming's hill on Macclesfield Road.

On the Allison transmission selector there is a button that will allow the mode to change from power to economy, most of the time the bus was driven in economy mode and this seemed more than adequate.

Acceleration was swift and the bus just kept on going and going; gear changes on the Allison were very smooth - the retarder worked exceptionally well.

The driver's area is well set out and all the gauges and warning lights are in easy sight, with all the switches falling easy to hand, and is comfortable with no blind spots.

A fully adjustable steering column is fitted with a stalk on the left of the column that operates indicators, wipers/washers and the high beam. On the dash is the retarder stalk that allows the driver to adjust the amount of retardation.

There was only one thing that was not to my liking. The accelerator pedal was mounted too close to the driver's seat - I have been told that this will be easily fixed.

Inside there are 57 ADR68 seat-belted seats; these can be either locally supplied or Higer's own brand. The luggage racks are of a useful size and curtains are also standard.

A Thermo King SR70/KRS II Plus air-conditioner is fitted as are heated electric mirrors and electric blinds to the windscreen.

Entering the bus is by a wide plug-type door with four steps of 380mm, 320mm, 320mm and 320mm to the driver's floor then a step of 150mm to the isle with a 150mm step from the isle to the seats and a 270mm step to the rear seat.

Some other features include a reversing camera two internal surveillance cameras, a radio/CD/PA system.

Luggage storage consists of side bins with three doors, bins are provided on both the nearside and offside although full through bins are also available.

Powering the SchoolBoss is a Cummins ISBe4 six-cylinder turbocharged engine of 6.7 litres with SCR; this engine has been rated at 221kW (300hp) at 2,300rpm and develops an impressive 1,100Nm (800ft-lb) of torque at 1,200rpm.

This has been coupled to an Allison T3000R six-speed automatic with built-in hydraulic retarder with gear ratios of: first, 3.49; second, 1.86; third, 1.41; fourth, 1.00; fifth, 0.75; sixth, 0.65; and reverse, 5.03.

The brakes on the SchoolBoss are dual-circuit air-operated disc brakes with ABS, these work well but with the retarder there is no need to use them until you come to a halt.

Higer have a very good bus in the SchoolBoss and if in the market for a new 57 seat school/charter bus at a good price give the Higer a look.

ABC thanks Angelo Valerio and the team at Prestige Higer for allowing us access to this ripper school bus.

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