C-1800 International wins Truck of the Show in Lockhart

This years Lockhart Heritage Truck Show attendees were showered with 30 degree weather and an abundance of things to see.

With a population of only 818, organiser Trevor Slater says over 50 trucks made the trek and showed off.

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“We had a few come from down through Victoria, few from Sydney, one from Goulburn and one from Echuca and Shepparton.”

The 2024 show highlighted White and early model Western Star rigs, with a range of trucks taking home titles.

The oldest Western Star featured was Tony Kents 1975 rig, coming all the way from Goulburn.

Graham Hoys 1997 White Western Star travelled the furthest, hauling its way down from Parkes while Burkinshaw Transports green rig took home some trophies as well.

Burkinshaw Transports Western Star (Image: Merisa Smith / O’Rielly Trucks)

In addition to their winning Western, Burkinshaw Transport brought another 13 Kenworths to the event.

“They’re all same colour, all immaculate. Even if a truck was one year old or 100 years old, they would all look exactly the same,” Slater says.

One of their Kenworths, a 2022 T909 took home People’s Choice.

The biggest award of the event however, Truck of the Show, was stolen by Peter Fitzpatrick and his 1970 C-1800 International.

“It had just finished a rebuild 12 months ago. It was magnificently restored,” Slater says.

“Both of the judges noticed it as soon as they walked in.”

One of the Whites on display (Image: Merisa Smith / O’Rielly Trucks)

The lucky winners took home a Western Star embellished leather bag filled with merchandise from sponsors and nearby dealerships.

“They also all got a nice trophy as well.”

This year, the Lockhart Heritage Truck Show partnered up to raise money for Health in Gear.

Developed by the OzHelp Foundation, in collaboration with truck drivers and the transport community, Health in Gear was created to support the health and wellbeing of transport and logistics workers on the job and at home.

Services include health tips for staying well, roadside health checks, free counselling and 24/7 phone support services, and the Share the Load podcast.

Over 50 trucks came for the event (Image: Merisa Smith / O’Rielly Trucks)
“The crew from OzHelp were very pleased with the day. They came in expecting to just stand and talk, but they had around 15 or something people sit down and talk to them and do their health checks,” Slater says.
“So we’re very, very pleased with that.”
The after-hours country concert was also a hit with locals and travellers, with over 120 people joining in for the festivities and rocking the night away.
“We’ve got a new power line being built and plenty of the workers came down to the concert.”
“They said they love to get out and support the town doing a few things.”

This years Lockhart Heritage Truck Show saw organiser Trevor Slater celebrate his final show after a decade of involvement.

“I’ve got other things I need to concentrate on now, but I’ve had a great time with the show over the years,” he says.


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