Cabover Mack stands out amongst bonneted classics at truck shows

While some recent truck shows have become a display of Kenworth’s, the inaugural Sydney TruckFest had that and much more on show.

Highlighting rigs both new and old, Luke Refalo’s 1978 Cabover Mack FR700 was a welcome inclusion on the day.

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Luke and his family purchased the rig back in 2018.

“We initially had no plans of restoring it, and were just using it for spare parts,” Luke says.

“But after looking at it for a bit, we decided we just had to restore it and put it in our collection.”

“It was definitely a spur of the moment decision,” he laughs.

Coming to them in less-than-ideal condition, the Mack was ‘drivable’ but was going to need a lot of TLC to get her back in fighting condition.

“We had a full restoration. It needed work on the chassis, new paintwork, exhaust, interior, electrical, you name it.”

“But we knew it would end up great once we finished it off.”

After putting in the hard work, the cabover Mack is now a standout at any show it attends.

The grey and white paintwork is highlighted with accents of blue, with stunning scrollwork adorning the cab.

“You don’t see many cabover Macks nowadays. From my knowledge, there aren’t too many that have been restored,” Luke says. 

“Honestly, I don’t understand why because they are quite a good looking truck. Especially if they’ve got a nice paint job.”

Luke says he enjoys taking the Mack around to the shows when he can.

“I just love looking at everybody’s trucks and what they’ve done to them and catching up with people that I rarely get to see.”

But it isn’t just the Mack that Luke parades around, with six other trucks joining his collection back home.

“We just buy trucks that we like the look of or like the model. Some of them were working trucks that we have retired and others we have purchased on a whim.”

“It’s a fun thing for us to do.”  

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