Rebuilt T908

Chris Buttigieg showed off his rebuilt Kenworth at the 2016 Castlemaine Truck Show


Chris Buttigieg has just finished rebuilding his T908 from the ground up and had brought it along to Castlemaine before putting it to work.

Chris’ family operate a demolition business and the T908 joins an ’07 4800 Western Star day cab, another older Western Star and a CH Mack.

The T908 will join the fleet the day after the show.

“It was an expensive truck but I love the shape,” Chris says.

“I always looked at them on the road and thought I need one of my own!

“Some people do cars up, I wanted to do up a truck, a nice truck that I could be proud of and go to work happier!” chuckled Chris.

Chris stripped it down to the cab and chassis and sand blasted the chassis himself and then took it to the painters. It was four months from start to finish, working after work and putting in a few big nights.

“After painting it was a job putting it all back together and I had a few good mates and my brothers who helped me. It definitely helps out and even Dad gave me a hand.”

Chris’ T908 is a very clean and neat and attracted a lot of attention over the weekend.

“I have never been here before,” he says. “I only just finished it in time for the show so have brought I along to show it off.”


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Photography: Peter and Di Schlenk

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