Civil servant starts his own truck meet at Adelaide car park

Take coffee, add chrome, and up-size the meeting place and vehicle size and you have a Truck Meet

While car parks have traditionally been used for a quick duck into the shops or cheeky Facebook Marketplace exchange, this Adelaide group is using them in a more inspired way.

A place for a truck meet.

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Regular truck shows are often unobtainable for many, requiring plenty of preparation and days off work.

Inspired by similar events popping up in Sydney, Aaron Boothey thought an after-work hours event could be just what the Adelaide trucking community needed.

“One of the first events happened in Sydney, created by this guy Luke Roberts,” Aaron says.

The car park at night is the perfect place to show off the LEDs and chromework

“We eventually got chatting and I asked if he would mind if we did a similar sort of thing in Adelaide and he was all for it. 

“There are all these car events, like your coffee and chrome that they do on a Sunday morning, but there wasn’t really anything for trucks.

“It is always big, big shows which are great, but these meets are something that’s a little bit easier for people to get to and sort out last minute.”

Aaron and his mate Nick were prepping for the Kenworth Classic in Sydney when the idea struck. 

“We said let’s see if we can get this truck meet thing going before we head off.”

And boy did they.

This Kenworth T904 was born to be on camera

The first event took place in August 2022 at The District Outlet Centre in Parafield. 

“We got the word out solely through social media. Nick and I both run a couple of pages there, so we just started promoting it. 

“It kicked off from there.”

From their small advertising efforts, the duo managed to get 22 trucks to congregate at the spacious car park. 

“It’s a big open car park with fast food on a main road where you can pull up and get food,” he says. 

“The general public have all just been pulling in and getting involved and kids and families have been loving it. 

“Most people don’t normally get that close to trucks. So, it’s been really positive.”

Aaron loves to see truckies bring their family out to enjoy the fun

Since its inception, the event keeps getting bigger, with the Facebook group ‘Adelaide Truck Meet’ garnering over 1,500 members.

The latest meet took place on February 4 and had a turnout of 49 trucks, doubling the previous record.

“The main thing I have taken away from the event is how important it is for the truckies. 

“They are away from their families during the week and this is something that they can bring their family along to on a Saturday night and enjoy what they do as a job but also get their family involved.

“Seeing the kids be with their parents and around the trucks loving it has been real positive.”

One of the biggest surprises for Aaron was witnessing the support from businesses in and around Adelaide. 

He says he was shocked when a Collins Transport truck showed up to one of the meets. 

There’s no missing this cool green Kenworth from the Collins fleet

“Collins don’t do truck shows very often at all and so that was quite a surprise to get one of them to show up,” he says. 

“Probably the biggest from a company side is Doser Transport. They’ve shown up and they had seven trucks come into the meet. 

“It was impressive seeing a company put in that time and effort into their trucks to come along.

A line-up of Doser Freight Forwardings fleet

Surprisingly, Aaron isn’t directly involved in the transport industry, working instead in local government. 

“I’ve always had a real passion for the transport industry, my father owned a few trucks in Adelaide and some family members have been involved.”

“But I work in local government. My partner was pretty adamant that she didn’t want an interstate driver as a partner while we’re young. 

“So these meets are something that I’ve created here in Adelaide so that I can still have my normal job, but also my passion of the transport side as well.”

As Aaron doesn’t have a truck of his own to roll in with, Doser Freight Forwarding has graciously allowed him to lend one of the members of their fleet. 

“Adam Doser allows me to take one of his trucks. He didn’t know me from a bar of soap 18 months ago, and now he’s given me the keys to his pride and joy to take along to the meets. I still can’t believe it. I’m in shock every time he gives me the keys.”

Aaron is stoked he gets to drive Doser Freight Forwardings Kenworth T908 to the meets

The general demographic of the meets boasts plenty of owner-drivers wanting to show off their shiny rigs. 

“It’s more of the owner operators that are showing up, the ones where it is their life. It is their background, their passion.”

Wanting to encourage as many people to show up as possible, the event usually kicks off at 6.30pm

“We try to encourage everyone to stay around until it gets dark. And then we do quite a lot of photos,” he says. 

A sea of green is taking over Adelaide (Image: Nick Borzo)

“A lot of the local photographers come out and get involved in it, and they’re absolutely in their element.

“They’ve got all the trucks in one spot, they can jump around and get really good quality photos. And then we probably wrap it up around 9.30pm.

Aaron was even inspired to start up his own truck photography page A2B Truck Photography, which has garnered close to 1,000 followers. 

For Truck Meet information, join the @AdelaideTruckMeet group on Facebook.


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