Coke Canada adds unmissable electric Volvos

The global beverage manufacturer has taken on an order of Volvo electric trucks as it seeks to reach its sustainability goals

What’s big, bright red and roaming the streets of Montreal?

If you answered Coca Cola delivery trucks, you’re spot on. Coke Canada Bottling has unveiled its new fleet of Volvo VNR Electric trucks, part of a six-truck pilot of electric vehicles.

Unmissable in their sparkling red finish, the Volvos are part of a renewed push of Coke Canada’s environmental sustainability action plan. The company is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions by 46.2 per cent by 2030.

Volvo unveiled the electric trucks at a special fifth birthday celebration event for Coke Canada in Montreal at its distribution centre which already hosts 650 heavy-duty vehicles.

Volvo Trucks North America president Peter Voorhoeve says the two companies are developing a strong sustainable partnership.

“Our global brand and this Canadian, family-owned business are well aligned on rapidly advancing environmental sustainability action plans,” he says.

“We look forward to supporting Coke Canada Bottling as they test out feasibility through this pilot.

“The deployment of the first battery-electric Volvo VNR Electric trucks at their fifth birthday celebration demonstrates the importance of pursuing environmental sustainability goals, which benefit the community and employees at every level.”

The electric Volvos feature a six-battery configuration that can cover up to 440 km on a single charge. This will be much-needed as the trucks make several daily round trips of 150 km from the Montreal distribution centre to customer locations throughout the region.

Coke Canada has also installed three 150 kW DC chargers with nine dispensers at the centre to support drive-through charging for the trucks.

Peter Voorhoeve (L) and Coke Canada president and COO Stephen du Toit (R)

The trucks have a battery capacity of 565 kWh and can obtain an 80 per cent charge in just 90 minutes.

Coke Canada CEO Todd Parsons acknowledges the delivery of the Volvos as a big step forward for the company.

“As we celebrate our fifth birthday, marking the first of many milestones on our journey towards building a multi-generational business, we are reminded of the incredible journey we’ve embarked on,” he says.

“This milestone is not just a nod to our past and present, but also a beacon for the exciting future we eagerly anticipate.

“Piloting the electrification of some of our ‘Red Fleet’, an iconic presence on the roads of our country, underscores our ambition to be the leading beverage partner in Canada by earning our social license to operate, and we are immensely proud to partner with Volvo Trucks on this initiative.

“We acknowledge the journey ahead, the work to be done, and are enthusiastic about the potential of this pilot with Volvo Trucks.”

Coke Canada’s sustainability plan also includes goals for 100 per cent collection and 50 per cent recycled content in its bottles and cans by 2030.

The company is looking towards 100 per cent waste diversion in its manufacturing facilities by 2026 and industry-leading water use targets by 2030.

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