Commercial vehicles sales totals on the bounce

Much will depend on the appetite of commercial vehicle buyers this month but the total number of sales appears on track to break through the 30,000 barrier for the calendar year.

If the trend is borne out, it will be the first time sales have
topped that level since 2008, when 36,620 were sold.

For the year to the end of November, the figure was 28,023 on
sales of 3,045 for the month, according to the Truck Industry
Council’s (TIC) T-Mark Report  figures.

Even if October’s sales of 2,766 were replicated, it would still
top the 30,000 mark and make for generally good news for
long-suffering truck and van makers.

The passed milestones continued in the heavy-duty segment, the
10,000 vehicle level has already been breached for the first time
in four years and looks set to come very close the 2008 figure of
11,766 if November’s 1,200 are repeated.

However, the doldrums continues at medium-duty level, where
numbers look unlikely to go back above the 7,000 point, let alone
sweep towards five figures as they did in 2008.

The light-duty segment continues to bounce around. This year, it
should go above 9,000 sales after a dismal previous year of 6,273
but sales have been volatile recently.

Meanwhile, the van sector, while a little healthier than last
year, appears unlikely to drag itself over the 4,000 vehicle

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