Convoy for The Cure set to raise $100,000 for children’s cancer

Townsville streets are expected to be rocked with exhaust this weekend as trucks roll in for Convoy for The Cure.

Heading off on their route this Sunday, May 26, hundreds of trucks and motorbikes are expected to be in attendance.

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The convoy raises money for funding into research of DIPG (Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), an aggressive type of cancer that forms in the brainstem.

Extremely rare, the cancer almost always occurs in young children.

Organiser Todd Martin says he was inspired to start these convoys back in 2016 after his friend lost his daughter to brain cancer in 2009.

“My friend started a charity after that in Australia called The Cure Starts Now, which is not about fighting just one cancer, but the elimination of cancer as a whole,” Todd says.

“I run my own company called Muscle Car Events Australia, and because I’m involved in facilitating and organising events, it just made sense.

“I’m more than happy to do it.”

This years event is expected to attract more than 200 trucks and 100 motorbikes, with businesses and individuals rallying to raise as much money as possible.

Like most convoys, those who raise the most money will receive the honour of leading the convoy, with the top spot already raising over $10,000.

“I don’t care if we raise $10 or $100,000. Our main goal is just to do as much for the charity as we can.”

Fundraising efforts at the moment are looking promising, expected to reach $100,000 by the weekend.

“It’s fingers crossed,” Todd says.

The convoy will commence at 8am from Webb Drive, then Duckworth St, Dalrymple Rd, Thuringowa Drive, Riverway Drive before finishing up at Ross Dam Park.

Entry is $100 per truck and $30 per motorcycle.

At the time of writing, over $37,000 has been raised, with cut off for front runners set for this Saturday.

The Lead Truck is currently sitting with NSS – Northern Stevedoring Services who have raised $10,460.

Large Fleet (five or more trucks entered) is headed by Nortrans Townsville with $6,118,44 raised, and DF & DL Drain Transport Pty Ltd with $3,613 raised.

Ellsley Metal Recycling is currently leading Small Fleet (four or less trucks entered) with $1,697 entered and the Golden Helment (bikes) is seeing Detailed 2seven4  in lead with $537.

“Trucks in particular really drive our fundraising, they are where most of the donations come from,” Todd says.

“We just want to see people come together for a good cause and support the charity.”

To learn more or donate, visit here. 

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