Cummins announces next-gen X15 diesel engine

The X15 diesel engine is capable of using biodiesel blends up to 20% and renewable diesel blends up to 100%.

Cummins has announced it will launch its most efficient heavy-duty diesel engine ever as the next product in the HELM 15-liter fuel agnostic platform.

Serving the heavy-duty North American market, the engine will feature improved greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency benefits while retaining the same ratings of the current X15 (up to 605 horsepower and 2,050 ft-lb of torque).

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Cummins North America on-highway VP José Samperio says this next-gen is the next evolution of technology.

“We have applied our decades of experience with the X15 to our next-generation product and believe these investments will serve our customers well into the future,” he says.

“We are working hard to ensure the new product delivers our brand promise to customers for the important jobs they need to do every day.”

The engine has improved greenhouse gas efficiency and fuel economy built upon Cummins’ uptime legacy.

Capable of using biodiesel blends up to 20% and renewable diesel blends up to 100%, the engine provides compliance to EPA and CARB regulations.

Cummins global VP Jane Beaman says the engine is designed to have the capability to meet future emissions regulations beyond 2027.

“With higher efficiency, lower emissions, and multiple fuels, the Cummins HELM™ platforms give our customers control of how they navigate their own journeys as part of the energy transition,” she says.

“They can choose the fuel types that work best for them, their businesses, and their goals.”


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