Cummins unveils ISX engines with SCR aftertreatment

Cummins has announced a new addition to its heavy-duty truck engine line-up in the South Pacific.

The ISXe5, an engine meeting Euro 5 emissions compliance through selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, will be available in the South Pacific from 2013.

It will be offered alongside Cummins’ market-leading ISX and Signature engines which use cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to meet ADR80/03 emission requirements.

“We will continue to see strong demand for our ISX and Signature EGR engines based on feedback we have received from customers,” says Sean McLean, general manager of automotive products for Cummins South Pacific.

“The ISXe5 is joining our 15-litre product line to provide a further technology choice backed by Cummins’ industry-leading service support network.”

The ISXe5 will have the same ratings as the current EGR engines, from 450 to 600 hp and 1650 to 2050 lb ft of torque. The ISX and Signature are Australia’s biggest selling heavy-duty truck engines.

“The ISXe5 has the same base engine design as our current product but incorporates a new common rail fuel system, a wastegate turbocharger and a single overhead camshaft,” says McLean.

The XPI (extreme high pressure) common rail fuel system provides very precise injection and combustion control. It operates independently of engine speed and provides injection pressures greater than 30,000 psi.

As the only diesel engine manufacturer with in-house integration of all critical subsystems from air handling to exhaust aftertreatment, Cummins is able to optimise the combustion process to maximise fuel economy.

All ISXe5 engines will include the Cummins Intebrake, providing the strong engine brake retardation for which the ISX and Signature engines are renowned. All ISXe5 ratings 485 hp and above will feature peak retardation of 600 hp.

The SCR exhaust aftertreatment on the ISXe5 is a fully integrated system developed by Cummins Emissions Solutions (CES), dosing urea into the exhaust stream to reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions.

Cummins’ truck engine line-up includes a number of other engines utilising this aftertreatment system, including the ISFe5, ISBe5, ISLe5 and ISMe5.

Cummins has been field testing 10 ISXe5 engines in Australia since early 2012 as part of the development program for this engine, and now has more than 20 trial engines in service across a range of heavy-duty applications.

“Our extensive field test program will make certain that reliability and performance of the ISXe5 meets customer expectations while also ensuring that Cummins’ branch network is ready to support the product when it goes into service in 2013,” says McLean.

The ISXe5 will go into production at Cummins’ Jamestown plant in the US for availability in Australia in 2013.

Further tightening of emissions regulations is expected in 2016/2017 with ADR80-04 which will require a combination of technologies including SCR.

“By the time ADR80-04 is introduced we will have had extensive experience with these technologies under Australian conditions,” says McLean.


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