Custom Ford Jail Bar for charity auction

NTI restoration truck to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease research at ATA Live Auction

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National Transport Insurance (NTI) has donated a big ticket item – a 1946 custom Ford Jail Bar truck– for this year’s Australian Trucking Association (ATA) online auction to raise money for research into Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ATA’s annual Trucking Australia conference, due to held in April this year, was cancelled.

In its place, the ATA will be running a Live Industry Broadcast Event on September 23 hosted by Channel 7’s Mark Beretta. As well as the NTI Ford Jail Bar auction, the online broadcast will feature industry stories from across Australia.

The Jail Bar’s rear tray is of steel frame construction with spotted gum timberboards.

NTI’s chief executive officer, Tony Clark, says with the COVID restrictions, this year was the perfect opportunity to do something “a little different” to raise much needed funds for Motor Neurone Disease.

“Whilst 2020 has presented some challenges around fundraising, it hasn’t challenged our commitment to the cause,” Clark says.

“To date, we’ve raised over $330,000 for MND and we’ll continue to seek answers for this aggressive and indiscriminate disease that impacts thousands of Australians and their families, every year.”

NTI’s history of supporting research into MND led to establishing an official research grant in 2019, in memory of NTI’s late previous CEO Wayne Patterson who passed away in October 2018.

“Our restoration projects allow Wayne’s legacy to live on and for NTI to give back in so many ways – be it through raising money for research, engaging with community or supporting local businesses,” Clark adds.

“But the story is much bigger than NTI just building a truck. The truck is a culmination of dedication; a passion project with a greater purpose. And in the current climate – we can all do with a little more sense of purpose.”

The 1946 Ford Jail Bar truck, nicknamed ‘Black Beauty’, comes with free NTI insurance for 12 months.

The live auction will take place Wednesday, September 23 at 5:30pm AEST. The auction is open to anyone over the age of 18 in Australia.

All proceeds from the truck auction will go to MND Australia for awarding the NTI Research Grant for 2021.

For further info and registration to bid, visit NTI’s 1946 Ford Jail Bar Charity Auction.

C:GREGS FILES1. OWNER DRIVEROWD 333 Oct 2020NEWSNTI resto truckNTI-25.jpg

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