Dealership runs first truck show for Tamworth

While it seems Tamworth has historically lacked their own truck shows, one local business has decided enough is enough.

JT Fossey Trucks spearheaded a brand new truck show this past weekend, celebrating all things Mack and Volvo.

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The dealership recognised the importance and fun of showing off your rigs, inviting their customers and community members to the display.

Organiser Steve Bargwanna says they were excited to provide this to their community.

“We wanted to give our customers the opportunity to showcase their trucks and get them involved.

“We encouraged people to bring down working trucks as well as pretty ones, showing off Mack and Volvo from where they started to where they are today.

“It was really a display of the progression of those two brands.”

60 trucks rocked up to the inaugural event

Welcoming 60 trucks to their yard, Steve says the team was excited to see people support the event.

“Tamworth doesn’t have many shows, so it was great to be able to offer one to the community,” he says.

“The event went really well.”

Over 300 members of the public came to peek at the rigs and enjoy the BBQ organised by the Tamworth Truck Drivers Club.

As with most shows, the judging portion was fierce and competitive, highlighting the best rigs Tamworth has to offer.

JT Fossey’s Viking #2

Local fuel company Transwest Fuels took home the trophy for Best Volvo post 2000 with their 2023 Volvo Fh.

Betts Rogers Transport managed to sweep up Best Mack post 2000 with their stunning 2019 Mack Super-Liner.

Gavin Sutton Transport and Turtle Couriers took home the last remaining two categories, Mack and Volvo pre 2000.

“Obviously the winners were the standout trucks of the show, but all of the others were still amazing,” he says.

“We had some trucks coming from near and far that were outstanding. You could tell a lot of time and effort had been put into the restored tracks as well.

Moving forward, Steve says they are already looking forward to 2025 and making it bigger and better.

The event is one of Tamworth’s first truck shows

“We definitely want to have more categories for judging next year,” he says.

“Postcode trucks, tippers, Titans, different models. We want more categories for sure.”

Steve says the possibility is there to expand the event into a family event.

“We still need to have a debrief of the event and sort out our plans, but turning it into a family event would be the way of the future.”

The hope to continue to grow the event, aiming to hit 100 trucks in attendance in 2025.


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