Electric truck fast charging service on the way from Volvo

The vehicle manufacturer is set to roll out a new service across Europe to give electric vehicle operators more clarity on charging locations

It may only be available in Sweden now, but Volvo’s roll out of a key fast charging electric truck service could be making a splash globally soon.

The major vehicle manufacturer has announced that a network of these stations coming to life in Sweden across the next two years, offering electric heavy vehicle drivers approximately 130 charging stations, will be made more easily accessible thanks to the company’s new service.

Volvo Trucks will be launching the service to help drivers and operators find and access the charging stations, never leaving them high and dry without a charge.

While Volvo operates a select number of the 130 stations, the new service will be available to all truck brands, displaying all charging stations suitable for heavy duty trucks regardless of the operator.

The platform will allow drivers to pay for the charging within the service, with the potential for booking charging times to become available in the future.

President of Volvo Trucks Roger Alm says this will change how electric truck drivers interact with charging stations.

“This is a real breakthrough for the electrification of heavy transport. Our customers will be able to access public fast chargers all around Sweden, and as a result going electric is easier than ever,” he says.

“Customers will be able to obtain reliable information about where to find charging stations for heavy electric trucks, and they can be assured that they are paying a fair market price with no hidden fees.

“With the possibility to plan the route ahead in a good way and a minimum of administration, I am convinced that this is an important step towards making electric trucks even more popular with fleet owners.”

While the service is set to first become available in Sweden before expanding across Europe, Volvo says it will become available globally in the near future.

The company is working closely with charge point operators across the world to begin the expansion of the charging network as quickly as possible.

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