Electrician upgrades ute to Isuzu truck

Casey Landman from Fourth Phase Electrics in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs recently made the big decision to upgrade his ute to an Isuzu truck. He says it has since made his work life significantly easier.

When Fourth Phase Electrics’ Casey Landman upgraded from a ute to an Isuzu truck, he knew he’d made the right decision.

“Before I got the truck, I’d drive one car to tow the excavator and I’d get one of my employees to drive another car towing a trailer full of gear,” says Casey.  

“Now I can tow my excavator and all the cables and conduits and stuff in the truck. I can fit three times as much and I’m not pushing my GVM limits.”  

As part of a mini-expansion, Casey decided an Isuzu NPR 45-155 AMT SWB Tradepack would be the best fit for the four-person strong Fourth Phase Electrics team after driving a mate’s older Isuzu, as well as a rival make of truck.  

Safety First

Based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Fourth Phase Electrics provides industrial, commercial and residential electrical services throughout Victoria.  

As well as the cost effectiveness of having one vehicle doing fewer trips, the intelligent safety features of the updated N Series were a drawcard for Casey, who travels an average of 700 kilometres a week. 

Isuzu says Casey’s 2022 NPR comes with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), a network of active safety features that includes forward collision warning (FCW), the distance warning system (DWS) and lane departure warning (LDW).  

Isuzu says the ease of use of the Fourth Phase Electrics crew was also front of mind when it came to customising the Tradepack, which Casey did with two large toolboxes fitted with adjustable cable holders, drawers and shelving. 


“There’s also an extra battery, a fridge, an inverter and a microwave so I can actually have a nice warm lunch when working in rural areas and still have plenty of room to carry all the stuff we need,” says Casey.  

“It’s got built-in central locking and LED lighting as well.” 

“With the split mirrors I don’t have any [blind spots], and overall visibility is excellent.” 

Versatile Truck for a Versatile Business

Isuzu says the versatility of the truck suits the wide variety of work that Casey and his team does, from rewiring rural airports to installing residential solar panels.  

“One week I might have a pallet of solar panels on the back and the next week I’ll have half a dozen lengths of cable tray and half a tonne of thick cables on the back,” says Casey.  

Featuring a GVM of 4,500 kg and a GCM of 9,000 kg, the NPR also has towing capacity of 4,500 kg, which makes light work of Casey’s professional and recreational pursuits. It’s also a boon for the weekend task of renovating his house.   

“Being able to carry timber and cement sheet and just general building materials is always handy,” says casey. 

Powered by Isuzu’s popular four-cylinder 4HK1-TCN engine, the NPR has plenty of grunt at 114 kW (155 horsepower) @ 2,600 rpm and torque of 419 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,600 rpm. 

Bright future ahead

The future is looking sparkling for Fourth Phase Electrics, with Casey keen to do more work with commercial clients in the fields of renewable energy and the efficiencies that come with power factor correction. 

The Fourth Phase Electrics team recently finished a power factor correction installation at the True Foods manufacturing facility in Maryborough in the Central Goldfields of Victoria.


After a site analysis, the team designed and installed an SVG unit in the food factory’s main switchboard. Casey estimated the work would lower the company’s power bill by $50,000-plus a year. 

“It’s a decent investment but overall a very good return,” says Casey.  

“Typically, they pay themselves off in of 18 to 24 months.” 

Casey is more than happy with his decision to upgrade from a ute to a truck. Another expansion of his business would see him skip a ute altogether and go straight for a truck designed for the work a tradie does.  

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