ComVec 2016: Fitting EBS in trucks and trailers

Leading trailer engineer will be heading to ComVec 2016 to explain the possibilities of mandated EBS, and the best ways to approach the technology


With the possibility of Australian Design Rules (ADRs) mandating Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) for trucks and trailers in the near future, operators need to begin considering the impact on their business.

Speaking at the upcoming ComVec 2016 event, Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia’s national conference, Knorr Bremse’s lead trailer engineer Peter Verde will highlight the design considerations for the installation of Trailer Electronic Braking Systems (TEBS) on new trailers and the path to retrofit systems onto older trailers.

"Many industry bodies are opting to mandate Trailer Electronic Braking Systems onto new and existing trailers, it is critical that design considerations, importance of OEM components and the right way to match braking system compatibility are considered," Verde says.

Pointing to the need for a pro-active approach by operators, he underlines that the technology has benefits for road users and an operator’s bottom line.

"Ultimately we are striving to avoid incidents on our roads, to keep both our drivers and the general public safe, equipment upright and heavily minimise any damage to the transported items, equipment and surrounds that our vehicles transport and travel in," Verde says.

Alongside trailer systems, Verde is scheduled to talk about the importance of using OEM components and how they differ from aftermarket components in regards to EBS.

The engineer will also explain the right way to match braking system compatibility on the truck and trailer combination.

Knorr-Bremse, which produces braking and control systems for commercial vehicles, will be one of a number of companies offering their expertise to the two-day event.

Stemco Innovative Tire and Mileage Solutions will talk about the benefits of trailer rear drag aerodynamic devices, Adgero will explain its energy-saving trailer technology that can be fitted to existing equipment, and Wabco will take attendees through the full functionality of a range of technology systems.

Held at the Melbourne Park Function Centre on July 19 – 20, ComVec 2016 registration can be found here.



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