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By: Peter and Di Schlenk, Photography by: Peter and Di Schlenk

Mitch Regan Kenworth OWD Mitch Regan Kenworth OWD
Mitch Regan Kenworth OWD2 Mitch Regan Kenworth OWD2

Mitch Regan comes to the Castlemaine Truck Show every year, and 2016 was no different


Mitch Regan was still polishing Steve Cassar’s 2002 K104 that he drives when Trade Trucks spoke to him at the 2016 Castlemaine Truck Show.

Mitch had only been driving the Kenworth for two weeks and although Mitch comes up to Castlemaine every year, this is the first time he has brought a truck.

"It’s an ex-Whettenhalls and has a rebuilt 600 Signature but has only done 110,000kms," he says.

"I run around Melbourne doing general. There are six trucks in the fleet.

"I’m looking forward to a good weekend with lovely weather," he grinned.


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