ALL IN: Casino delivers huge truck turnout

By: Cobey Bartels, Photography by: Cobey Bartels, Video by: Cobey Bartels

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The 2017 North Coast Petroleum Casino Truck Show was everything you'd expect, plus some. Owner//Driver's Cobey Bartels was there to see just why this truck show has become so popular.


A rumbling convoy of 130 trucks arrived at Casino on Saturday morning, with just about every local in town lining the main drag as the big rigs rolled on in.

Despite weather concerns after being rained out last year, this year the sky couldn’t have been clearer with plenty of people left squinting as the sun ricocheted off all the chrome.

Owner//Driver broadcasted the convoy live, and we were thoroughly impressed by the sheer variety of rigs on show. 


Organiser and Casino Beef Week Promotions Committee President, Stuart George, told Owner//Driver on the day that he couldn’t be happier with how it went.

"It’s becoming something the whole town looks forward to," Stuart told us, and he was right, the crowds were huge.

"It’s pretty unique…from where we are, all you can see is trucks and heads!"

The winner of the 2017 North Coast Petroleum Casino Truck of the Show award was Cody Wood from O’Neil Haulage with his green and gold Western Star 4900.

"Yeah, I can’t say I was really expecting that one, but yeah it was a great turnout today," Cody said as he accepted the coveted award.

"Pretty happy, got a fair few good helpers helping me get to where I was today…thanks very much"

Here’s to another successful Casino Truck Show!

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