Gallery - Lights on the Hill 2021

By: Ben Dillon, Photography by: Ben Dillon

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DSC03690 DSC03690
DSC03691 DSC03691
DSC03692 DSC03692
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DSC03710 DSC03710
DSC03711 DSC03711
DSC03714 DSC03714
DSC03715 DSC03715
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DSC03720 DSC03720
DSC03723 DSC03723
DSC03724 DSC03724
DSC03729 DSC03729
IMG 1723 IMG 1723
IMG 1725 IMG 1725
IMG 1731 IMG 1731
IMG 1744 IMG 1744
IMG 1748 IMG 1748
IMG 1750 IMG 1750
IMG 1756 IMG 1756
IMG 1759 IMG 1759
IMG 1766 IMG 1766
IMG 1767 IMG 1767
IMG 1772 IMG 1772
IMG 1773 IMG 1773
IMG 1797 IMG 1797
IMG 1803 IMG 1803
IMG 1810 IMG 1810
IMG 1834 IMG 1834
IMG 1836 IMG 1836
IMG 1850 IMG 1850
IMG 1869 IMG 1869

Lights on the Hill gallery from the weekend's Port of Brisbane convoy start point.

Coming to the Port of Brisbane early in the morning for the start point of the Lights on the Hill convoy was a stark reminder of why everyone involved in this industry is so passionate.

It takes passion and a genuine love for what you do to be able to continue in an industry after it has taken away someone close to you. There just can't be any other explanation for it. 

It was so heartening to see so many drivers, families and friends out in force to support those who have lost loved ones in this industry and to continue the tradition of Lights on the Hill.

Leaving from Toowoomba and Brisbane, around 400 trucks with banners proudly strung across grills dedicated to those loved ones lost, made the journey to the site of the Lights on the Hill memorial in Gatton for the sad task of adding 55 names to the memorial wall.

Massive thanks to all the Lights on the Hill volunteers who made the event possible.

We'll have a full feature story on Lights on the Hill 2021 in the Novermber issue of OwnerDriver so stay tuned.

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