Top Three Mini Kenworth Videos

Mini Kenworths are awesome. Here are three of our favourites


We are fans of big trucks, big loads, and all big things. But sometimes it’s the little things that count. And when it comes to the transport industry, it is mini Kenworth trucks that make us laugh the most.

So we trawled the internet to find our favourite miniatures with people behind the wheel. We think these are the top three but feel free to link to others on our Facebook page.

Beware: Some of the music may make you cringe.


Number three

A hand-made mini Kenworth priced at US$85,000 (A$114,800).

According to the video’s caption, it took 2,850 hours of work to complete and features a Cummins 5-speed engine. Credit for the mini trailer too!



Number two

While the video’s music may be a little hard to deal with, it seems this Kenworth is a smooth drive.

Made from scrap materials, the big bonneted hauler even has two gigantic stacks at the back to show how cool it is.

Extra points for the revving too!



Number one

While the first truck is this list is the most authentic looking, this one gets first place for the audacity of the driver to hit the streets to get a burger.

While he managed to draw a crowd, unfortunately the driver doesn’t stay in the truck to use the drive-thru.

With working headlights and trailer lights, this could be the perfect vehicle to nip down to the shops!



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