Free digital device training for Queensland truckies

Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) has joined forces with TAFE Queensland and the Department of Small Business and Training to offer free micro-credentials on digital device use

The bespoke Driver Digital Literacy Program fits into a one-year government initiative, the Workforce Transition Support Program, and is aimed at helping truck drivers and people working in the road freight sector to improve capability to navigate mobile devices.

The program has been designed to prepare employees in the transport and logistics sector to utilise the full potential of their mobile devices within the workplace.

The purpose, design and usability was developed in close consultation with the QTA to ensure that it was practical, user friendly and easy to access for drivers from both analogue and Apple devices.

There are four learning modules in the program that cater to different knowledge and ability levels and use animated videos with easy-to-follow instructions. Each module takes only five minutes to complete and can be repeated at any time.

QTA CEO Gary Mahon says it’s about helping employers to help their staff.

“This is another training program being offered to assist employers to upskill and support staff as they transition to new technology using paperless systems,” Mahon says.

“The necessity for drivers to be able to operate mobile devices and tablets is ever increasing as more businesses are adopting integrated compliance and administrative technology systems to create efficiency and improve productivity.”

This program was developed from the challenges highlighted during COVID when drivers were under pressure to complete online border entry forms, upload COVID test results, and photos and communicate these to employers.

“This video-based instructional training is appealing for not only drivers, but anyone challenged by mobile device technology as it is practical and can be completed anywhere anytime and only takes up a few minutes of time,” Mahon says.

The training has been developed in alignment to the National Micro-credential Framework and offers a verifiable digital badge on completion of the short question and answer section of each module. Employers can also enrol participants directly making it easy for drivers to undertake the training.

The program is open to all drivers and transport and logistics staff operating in Queensland and can be accessed here: Driver Digital Literacy Program 

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