Garbage truck a ‘hit with the kids’

JJ’s Waste and Recycling partnered with Melton City Council to promote new waste collection initiative.
The Volvo Sideloader was the perfect way to introduce residents to FOGO

JJ’s Waste and Recycling (JJ’s) garbage truck entertained and educated at the Melton Djerriwarrh Festival this past weekend. 

Partnering with Melton City Council to promote the new FOGO system, the waste management company opened one of their waste collection trucks for a public viewing.

The Volvo Sideloader on display is one of the vehicles that service the Melton Shire contract.

Attendees queued up for a chance to jump inside and honk the horn, receiving a special inside look at the profession.

JJ’s contract manager Mark Beevis says the truck was a hit with the kids. 

“Kids love their garbage trucks, so we opened it up and let them see how the trucks look and work.”

“We have a contract with Melton Shire Council, and when they asked us to come out and educate about the new FOGO bins, we thought it was a great idea.”

The company held a stall with council waste service guides, brochures, merchandise, and squishy garbage truck plush toys for the kids.

The display even received a visit from some of the other stalls’ mascots, stopping by and snapping a pic with the Volvo. 

The Sideloader will be used as part of the area’s Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) initiative.

An easy and sustainable way to dispose of organic waste, food scraps and garden waste from resident’s FOGO bin will be taken to a commercial composting facility to be turned into compost for use on farms and parks around Victoria. 

Many councils already offer a green bin for garden collection, but the FOGO bins can take all organic waste.

That includes all garden and food waste (including meat and fish scraps and dairy products), whereas the green bin typically only takes garden waste such as grass clippings and wood trimmings. 

Signs at the stall displayed what can and cannot be placed into the new bins, with the catchphrase, “Compost is the place for food and garden waste” plastered on the side of the truck.

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