Higer Plans for Future

Higer is looking towards the future after launching the Series II Munro coach at the Bus + Coach Show 2013 in Sydney last week.

The company’s plans for Australia include a number of new models, model upgrades and a dedicated Australian-market production line.

The new Munro has recently been upgraded with over 200 modifications after Australian and Chinese Higer staff worked alongside client Murrays to enhance the model.

Global General Manager Wu Wenwen says there are exciting times ahead for the brand in Australia.

“We see great potential in this market and Higer is very much committed to continued growth in Australia,” he says.

“We have an extensive range of product upgrades and new product launches planned over the next six to 12 months.”

CEO of Australia’s Higer distributor WMC Group Neil Bamford says Australia is considered an important market for the brand.

“Because Australian regulations and requirements are so demanding, we’re a perfect market for Higer to determine what level of demand there is for new products before they’re launched into the larger European and American markets,” he says.

Bamford says since launching in Australia over five years ago, they’ve become the fastest selling brand in the country.

He has now implemented a raft of changes at the WMC group which include flying Australian staff to the Higer facility to inspect new products, pre-delivery inspections to depots, ongoing technical training for staff and expanding the dealer network.

He says the brand is also likely to launch two new 18T compliant coaches with electronic stability control.

“A contingent of Higer factory engineers is in Australia now talking to operators and reporting on the Australian market, and it’s quite likely we’ll also have a 4WD offering for the mining and tourism sectors in the near future,” Bamford says.

He says it is possible the brand will implement a dedicated production line for Australia-bound models.

“If we maintain our current sales trajectory it’s a definite possibility in the short term.”

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