HRS Trailers pushing to be the best in the business

Penrith-based manufacturing specialist HRS Trailers has landed in Australia determined to offer the best quality trailers at the best price

or more than 40 years HRS
Trailers has toiled away in South Korea mastering the art of building tipper trailers.

The business, built to serve a tough construction environment, expanded into Australia in 2019, keen to tackle the challenge of new environmental extremes and demand for a wider variety of trailer styles.

HRS Trailers CEO Eugene Cho says the company has been patiently building its volumes in the past three years.

“Coming to Australia, we had a plan to establish ourselves in a new place,” Eugene says.

“The first plan we set up was to catch two rabbits at once: A Good Quality and A Good Price. 

“In other words, even if the sales scale was small, we tried to grow by making high quality trailers, one-by-one. 

“After a few months, sales volume increased steadily from the beginning of the business in Australia, and in the year 2019, we manufactured around two trailers or truck bodies a week.”

More than just a builder of trailers, HRS Trailers also produces and develops specific parts such as a its own hydraulic hoist. 

“Because of our developed and owned technologies that have been passed down from Korea, the company is also able to optimise and produce stronger and more durable products at a lower cost,” Cho says.

“I think these heritages are one of driving forces of the company’s growth in Australia.”

HRS Trailers’ draftsman Bong Kyu Chong says the business  is also able to be flexible in meeting customer needs. For newly launched products, HRS Trailers can design and test the products in Australia, but then partially manufacture in South Korea to reduce the development and production time. 

Having the link to South Korea has also been valuable when it comes to sourcing skilled and experienced workers, either to help in Australia, or to carry out the work in South Korea.

“Many companies have found it difficult to find new skilled workers due to this pandemic. 

“If the production takes too much time, or there is technical difficulty, our South Korea branch produces the main sections and ships them to Australia,”  Bong says.

He says this system had allowed HRS Trailers to maintain its lead time on trailer production, even during the pandemic.

“We have a lot of experience in Australia, and we believe that we have become a company trusted by customers by maintaining a certain level of quality and lead time through interactions with companies located in Korea.”

HRS produces a range of products including aluminium truck bodies and other various bodies and frames made of steel as well.

“We use plates with QT450 Grade, also known as HARDOX, to create the body parts,” Bong says.

HRS Trailers use HARDOX steel in their trailers

“HARDOX is known as an abrasion-resistant steel and is the most critical part in creating trailers that are sturdy and durable for a long time. 

“Due to the use of wide range of materials, our products are suitable for carrying various materials such as excavation, demolition, and grain. 

“Moreover, our company can produce a wide range of truck bodies and trailers for different purposes due to the diverse materials we use.”

The company continues to evolve and innovate with its CEO  saying a big focus of recent years has been to reduce the weight of bodies and trailers to achieve fuel efficiency and cost savings, without losing strength.

“We are researching designs that are sturdier, more durable, and much lighter, with the goal of successfully launching products that perform much better in terms of price and quality in the future,” Eugene says.

“Our goal is to become a company that grows even more and produces more diverse trailers. 

“We aim to become the best company in Australia with the best price and quality.”


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