Hydrogen truck on trial in Hyzon Motors and REMONDIS collaboration

In a big move for sustainability in the Australian transport industry, Hyzon has put one of its hydrogen trucks on trial.

Global hydrogen fuel cell technology developer and zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle provider Hyzon Motors is set to deploy a ground-breaking waste collection truck.

In collaboration to REMONDIS Australia, a recycling, service and water company, Hyzon will enter its hydrogen truck into a commerical trial in Australia.

Set to service the Wollongong and Shellharbour municipalities, the truck will be put to work collecting waste.

If the trial goes well, it is expected that REMONDIS will complete a full purchase of the truck if the performance targets are successfully reached.

Hyzon Motors Australia managing director John Edgley says that the deployment of the truck will be a big step in the company’s decarbonisation goals.

“We’re making it very clear that we’ve got a road ready truck now, that’s been designed locally, that’s gone into commercial trial today,” he says.

“Hyzon is building zero emission solutions right here in Australia, drawing on Hyzon’s global fuel cell footprint, using local skills, employing local people.

“We expect this trial to demonstrate Hyzon’s capability to deliver a world class zero emissions truck with class leading performance and a new world of zero emissions benefits.

“Together with Remondis we will build confidence for the trucking sector to accelerate the transition to zero emissions.

“We believe hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles will play a vital role in the decarbonisation of the transport sector and be a key component of Australia and New Zealand’s fuel security strategy into the future.”

Hyzon has developed the truck with an eye on the global market, making it adaptable for various markets with several use cases including garbage compactors, tilt trays and flatbed trucks.

Developed in Australia, the company has been able to tap in to local engineering and technical knowledge to build the truck for the country’s market.

The waste collection truck was designed against the industry benchmark of a 200-kilometre range and 1500 bin lifts per working day in partnership with Superior Pak, an Australian waste collection manufacturer.

Hyzon operates out of Rochester, New York, but has offices in four continents including North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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