Inaugural Tefol truck show set to make waves

Nowadays truck shows aren’t just held by show societies and associations, with dealerships and repair specialists starting to dip their toes into the wonderful world of displays.

Amongst those getting involved is much-loved truck and trailer repair specialist Tefol, who will be holding its inaugural show, the Tefol Truck Show, this coming Saturday June 1.

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Held at 6 Mustang Drive, Rutherford at their workshop, the team at Tefol are over the moon at the support they’ve received so far.

“When people found out about it, it just started going crazy,” organiser Sharece Willis says.

“Everyone is really interested in coming and it got around to a lot of people.

“We have actually had to start turning people down who want to come because we simply can’t fit them all in the workshops.”

Around 60 trucks are expected to be attending the inaugural display, with employee and customer trucks taking focus this year.

“We were inspired to start the show because a lot of our customers take a lot of pride in their trucks, and they wanted somewhere to show it off,” she says.

“We just thought why not? Let’s just do one.”

Some of Tefol’s long-time employees were the driving force, having rigs of their own that they wanted to debut.

One of the mechanics and organisers Shane Boyce, who has been employed there for 13 years, is particularly keen to get the ball rolling.

“He has his own truck that is doing up and he is just very passionate about what he does.”

“He was one of the main ones encouraging it.”

One of the rigs that will be on display

Supervisor and organiser, Nick Lean, also has a W model Kenworth that he has been restoring with his father that will make its debut.

“He’s been doing it for some time, and this will be its first ever truck show which is very exciting,” she says.

Organiser Brendan Morris has been pushing for the show for a while as well, with Sharece saying it was a team effort to get it up and running.

Old trucks new and old are more than welcome to come, with Kenworth W models, SARs, old Macks and a Custom Chrome’s Peterbilt and display trailer among the exhibits on the day.

If you’re one of the lucky 60 rigs involved, ensure you’ve polished and cleaned up, with three trophies to be awarded on the day.

“It will be a People’s Choice Award, with first, second and third place handed out.”

Sharece says that based on all of the interest, there will definitely be more Tefol Truck Show’s to come.

“This year will be a trial run for us, as we figure out what works and what doesn’t,” she says.

“Next year we will want to make it bigger and better, with more space and trucks involved.”

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