'Over Dimension' cameras switched on at Galston Gorge

By: Cobey Bartels

New 'Over Dimension Measurement' camera technology was switched on yesterday following ongoing attempts to improve heavy vehicle safety at Galston Gorge.

'Over Dimension' cameras switched on at Galston Gorge
Nearly 100 over-size trucks have been trapped in the Galston Gorge in the past year alone.


The infamous Galston Gorge has seen countless heavy vehicles become trapped over the past decade, with almost 100 over-length trucks becoming stuck in the past year alone. 

Traffic bottlenecks resulting from the trapped heavy vehicles have caused signficant delays for motorists over the years as it acts as a link for vehicles travelling on the paciific highway north of Sydney to the Western suburbs.

The length monitoring cameras are the latest in a series of solutions, following a number of attempts in the past to improve the issue with signage. 

The cameras, which use infared and rader-based technology to measure the length of heavy vehicles, have been installed near Montview Parade at Hornsby Heights and Calderwood Road at Galston.

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Minister for Roads Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey says the technology will reduce the number of vehicles stuck in the Gorge, improving safety and reducing traffic delays.

"Over-length trucks trapped in Galston Gorge cause detours of more than 30 minutes for other motorists," Pavey said. 

"With almost 100 over length heavy vehicles trapped in Galston Gorge over the past year, the impact on the road network has been significant."

Member for Hornsby Matt Kean highlights that it isn't just motorists affected by trucks that become stuck, it's local police and emergency services as well, highlighting the need for the cameras.

"It is crucial that this technology is used to deter drivers who attempt to use over-length vehicles and improve journey reliability for all motorists," Mr Kean said.

The maximum length allowed through the Gorge is 7.5 metres and any truck that exceeds that length will incur an on-the-spot fine of $2,270.

For trucks that get stuck, the consequences can be dire, with licence and vehicle registration suspensions of up to three months and a mixumum fine of $3,740 and loss of six demerit points. 

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