VIDEO: ‘Just stop, lend a brother a hand’

By: Cobey Bartels

Driver Brad Dykes was first respondent at the scene of a recent truck accident, and he’s got a serious message; ‘nobody f*$#ing stops…’


In a video posted to his Facebook page, Brad explains he was driving from Sydney to Melbourne when he heard about an accident over the radio.

"Tonight coming down from Sydney, down to Melbourne, a trucks gone into the centre at Euroa," he explains.

"Not going to say who it was, or circumstances…that’s not the point

"My point with this is, nobody f*&king stops.

"I heard the first call…a driver called it out. He was a southbound truck and said he’d just seen a truck go into the centre. He didn’t have time to stop and radio’d ‘could somebody please stop and check on the driver’.

"One bloke says ‘yeah no worries, no worries, ill have a look’. Nothing comes of it, no-one else calls anything out."

Brad says it wasn’t until he arrived that he saw none else had pulled up, leaving the driver trapped for five minutes.

"It was a good five minutes from when I first heard that call, to when i was coming up to the scene," he says.

"Now, I found the accident scene and stopped, no-one else was there. I went into the centre to check on this driver and no northbounders had stopped. A minute or so later another truck pulled up behind me.

"When I got to the drivers door, the driver was trapped in the truck. He’d come to rest right up against a gumtree…big gumtree right in the middle of his windscreen.

"I had to snap them branches to get his door open to make sure he’s okay."

Despite the driver being uninjured, Brad says his concerns are with the lack of response from other truckies and motorists.

"My point with this is that couple of minutes, if that driver was injured or if something was wrong…he couldn’t get out, he had nobody.

"Noone knew the condition of this driver, luckily he was uninjured.

"Five minutes, like how appalling is that?"

The advice Brad gives to fellow truckies in the video is simple; offer help to a fellow driver, even if it takes a few minutes out of your day.

"People need to stop, check on your fellow drivers. Five minutes out of your time is not going to hurt you," he says.

"That driver is someone’s husband or wife or family member, mate it’s somebody.

"Who cares what company they drive for, what colour their skin is, what hat they wear.

"No-one stops…how do these people drive past it and go ‘look at that’ and keep driving?

"Please for f*^#sake people, think. It’s just annoying to think that hey if its one of us one day, no bastard is going to stop are they. Please people, just stop, lend a brother a hand."

Check out the video below:

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