Huge twin convoys of Lights On The Hill hit Warrego

The huge twin convoys of Lights On The Hill hit the Warrego highway in south-east Queensland in early October, paying homage to those in the industry no longer with us



It’s smack bang in the middle of truck show season that one of our most important convoys occurs. Thankfully, unlike 2018, on the October long weekend I wasn’t riding camels in Broome when the annual Lights On The Hill Memorial (LOTH) Convoy was run.

This year I was lucky enough to be roadside to witness our industry come together to acknowledge the lives that have sadly been lost and to celebrate the drivers of the past.

The LOTH convoy once again roll into Gatton in south-east Queensland but this time from two new departure points. The eastern convoy assembled at Nolan’s brand-new state-of-the-art depot in Willawong, Brisbane, while the western convoy left from the United Fuels on the outskirts of Toowoomba. I bet those who offered up the free tolls on Toowoomba’s new bypass were kicking themselves as 119 trucks rumbled their way down the range towards the Gatton Showground toll free. They missed out on a fortune while the rest of us got to see an amazing parade of perfection.

The other 392 trucks that accounted for the grand total of 511 trucks this year rolled westbound from Brisbane, along the Warrego Highway. Almost every legal and somewhat legal vantage point was packed with onlookers enjoying the steady moving show and shine.

Now there is no point in me dribbling on and boring you as I know you guys are really here just to check out the photos and admire the big and little rigs that turned up for the day. If you could bear with me for just a couple of short paragraphs though, that would be much appreciated.



The Lights On The Hill Memorial Convoy is a huge event every year and a big thanks must go out to the committee and all the volunteers on the day. They do a fantastic job of organising, not just the mountain of paperwork and schmoozing involved in the convoy itself, but in the festivities out at Gatton as well.

Once all the trucks were parked up there was entertainment galore. I even got close to learning how to line dance thanks to the team at Toowoomba Line Dancing, you can all rest assured though I didn’t attempt it. No one needs to see a guy like me trying to dance; seriously I look like an eight-year-old walking through a spider web – all arms and no rhythm. That didn’t stop me enjoying the awesome concerts during the afternoon and into the evening, with the likes of Travis Collins, Kerry Kennedy and Double Barrel, and Jeff Brown. Again, just because I can’t dance didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy it. So big thumbs up to the team for Saturday.



Sunday morning was the traditional memorial that saw 32 names added to the wall this year. Out of respect the cameras were left at home and the moment was left for quiet reflection. As a driver myself it is a sombre reminder of the perils of our chosen line of work. It’s also heart-warming to see our industry come together for the occasion.

Once again, a final shout-out to the Lights On The Hill committee and their team of volunteers for the work they do and a special shout out to the designer of the LOTH shirts this year.

This year all 32 names added to the wall will be printed on the back of the LOTH polo shirts; a fantastic idea. Okay, enough of my rambling, go check out the photos.

PS. I deliberately removed any photographic evidence of me attempting to dance. It was not pretty.


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