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Used International Trucks

We love our trucks, and so do the colourful characters that feature in our used truck reviews. We speak to some of the people behind the wheel to see what they feel about their rigs and living the truckers lifestyle. Read on for some insight in to the lives of International fans, owners, drivers. and collectors.


International Eagle

Used Truck: International Eagle 9900I


A big International Eagle 9900i less than a decade old and with less than a million kilometres on the clock makes a pretty handy farm truck.



Used Truck: Lachlan’s International S-Line 3700


Lachlan Dalton’s 1997 model International S-Line may be a very different truck compared to the one that came out of the factory, but it’s just as sturdy as ever. 



Neil Wood’s Imported International Lonestar


A rare International Lonestar tractor unit, featuring the unique sloping retro-styled grille and chrome detailing particular to the American brand, has found its way onto the highways of Greater Auckland. +More



Used Truck: Frank’s 1979 International Acco


Frank and Carmel Mazzocchi have had a tremendous run with old farm trucks, especially his 1979 Acco, writes Steve Skinner +More


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