Isuzu Australia announces new national dealer sales manager appointment

Major vehicle manufacturer Isuzu Australia is welcoming a new man at the helm of its dealer sales operations.

Isuzu Australian Limited (IAL) says it is pleased to announce the appointment of Murray O’Dea to the position of National Dealer Sales Manager.

O’Dea replaces Craig White, who stepped into the role of head of sales earlier this year.

Isuzu says O’Dea brings considerable experience to the position with more than 30 years in the heavy vehicle industry across a diverse range of operations and locations.

He has been with IAL since 2016 as a Regional Parts Manager and Business Manager across several states including New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.

In 2022, Isuzu Trucks sold 13,360 units, marking a new record and its 34th consecutive year of truck sales leadership. This year sees the upwards trend continue with sales increasing a further 7.4 per cent (709 units) for Isuzu through to the end of September 2023.

“With more than 70 locations in operation, our dealers should all feel extremely proud of their contribution to the success of Isuzu in Australia; success that wouldn’t be achievable without their commitment and professionalism,” Isuzu Australia chief of sales and aftersales Ben Lasry says.

“The lynchpin of this highly effective and productive relationship is the support we provide to our dealers through key roles in our management structure at head office, such as the National Dealer Sales Manager.

“Murray’s appointment strengthens our ability to deliver this support and to assist our dealers in keeping Isuzu trucks on the road working for Aussie businesses.”

IAL’s National Dealer Sales Manager position provides a critical link between Isuzu and its broad dealer network, and O’Dea’s previous experience at Isuzu places him in an ideal position to continue growing these relationships.

O’Dea will be working closely with IAL’s Zone Dealer Managers to support the expansive dealer network to ensure the right product is available for the right segment and ensure Isuzu remains at the forefront in forecasting trends.

“A big part of my role is ensuring IAL has the correct mix of wholesale and retail stock needed to meet demand across a wide range of industries and applications,” O’Dea says.

“This is where working closely with our Zone Managers and the dealers is crucial so that we can collectively meet the needs of our customers.

“I know that Isuzu Trucks has a fantastic group of dedicated dealers that want the best for their customers, no matter how big or small, and they will be my number one priority.

“Every location and customer requirement are different. You must have the right product and the right people in place but also the ability to evolve with the times.

“I couldn’t be happier coming into this role and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

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