DEALS DATA: Isuzu tops enquiries

Isuzu was not only Australia’s top-selling new truck make in 2019, but also the most popular used truck brand across the Bauer Media Group classifieds network


Isuzu was the most-enquired-upon truck make on the Bauer Media Group truck and machinery classifieds network in 2019, exclusive new data reveals.

Some 5,400 used trucks – from Atkinsons to Whites – are currently advertised for sale across the network comprising,,,, and – reaching more than 450,000 ‘unique’ in-market buyers in December alone.

Isuzu – which comprises just below 17 per cent of total stock for sale – generated 12.29 per cent of total searches and an outsized 21.6 per cent of total enquiries in the 12 months to December 31, 2019. This is well ahead of Kenworth, which generated almost 36 per cent of searches but just 14.6 per cent of enquiries in the period, off the back of 7.98 per cent of stock.

Notably, Hino punched well above its weight, with the Japanese brand accounting for 10.7 per cent of enquiries despite comprising just 5.8 per cent of searches; ahead of Volvo, which was the subject of 7.04 per cent of enquiries and 6.02 per cent of searches.

Rounding out the top 10 were Mack (6.2 per cent of enquiries and 11.8 per cent of searches), Freightliner (5.25 per cent of enquiries and 3.8 per cent of searches), Western Star (3.1 per cent of enquiries and 5.27 per cent of searches), Iveco (2.88 per cent of enquiries and 2.1 per cent of searches), Scania (2.69 per cent of enquiries and 3.2 per cent of searches), and International (2.3 per cent of enquiries and 2.36 per cent of searches).


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