Isuzu Trucks

Isuzu Australia recently celebrated 25 consecutive years of truck sales leadership, during which time they sold almost 140,000 trucks. Isuzu continues to dominate the light and medium market in this country, which covers a huge swathe of applications.

This page contains all things related to Isuzu trucks, including news, reviews, Isuzu dealer listings, Isuzus for sale, and more.

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Latest Isuzu Truck News

Watch this space to stay in the know about Isuzu’s regular truck model refreshes, or to find out when, where, and what Isuzu are going to show at the next big truck show in Australia.

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Isuzu Truck Dealers in Australia

Isuzu have an extensive network of dealers throughout Australia; have a look below to see what they have in stock. If you want to find an Isuzu truck dealer in your state, select it in the left hand column below. In the right hand column you can select dealers that sell Isuzu truck parts and accessories.

Isuzu Truck Dealers

Isuzu Truck Parts Dealers

Isuzu Truck Reviews

For in-depth information on new Isuzu truck models, look no further than our reviews section. Our reviewers take a close look at these Isuzu’s so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

To see all our video reviews from all types of trucks, you can visit our TruckTV youtube page here.

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Used Isuzu Trucks

In our used truck reviews we chat to some Isuzu owners around Australia to see what makes them tick, and find out why they chose Isuzu.

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