Kenworth celebrates trucking legacies in new video

Kenworth released a new ‘Legacy’ video this week, highlighting the multi-generational businesses and individuals in the transport industry that have ensured the success of Australia.

The video bio reads, “For generations, everyday Australians have made it their livelihood to deliver the necessities of our nation.”

“Carrots to clothing, livestock to limestone, timber to toilet paper, it’s all been transported through rain, hail, and shine by the people at the heart of our industry.

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“Whether you are on the road, in the yard, behind the scenes or in the back office, the job is not easy. Hard work and sacrifice are all part of it, and we know it’s not just a job, but a passion that drives what you do.

“The legacies you leave behind aren’t just in the kilometres you’ve covered, the goods you’ve delivered, or the operations you’ve built. They are in the connections you’ve made and the people you’ve inspired, which will continue your story.

“It’s something you’ve inherited from those that came before you, that paved the way for the next journey, in a story not yet finished.”

Filmed across multiple locations in Australia including the Great Ocean Road, the Otway Forests, Mornington Peninsula, and Broken Hill, the video centres around a fictitious father and son relationship.

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