Kenworth hands over keys to 80,000th Australian-built truck

The 80,000th Australian-designed and -built Kenworth was presented to Booth Transport at the Kenworth DAF Bayswater Plant in Melbourne yesterday. 

Fifty-two years after Kenworth started manufacturing its trucks in Bayswater, employees came together in a celebration to watch Booth Transport director Peter Booth and CEO Nathan Falconer accept the key to a T610SAR from PACCAR Australian managing director, Damien Smethurst.  

Smethurst says Kenworth is proud to have partnered with Booth Transport, a fourth-generation business, for over 25 years.  

He adds: “Eighty thousand trucks gives us another significant milestone to celebrate, one which we are immensely proud of. Though we also celebrate what happens every day. Every single customer whose truck comes down the line at Bayswater gets the same detail and care as even our largest customers; every single one of our trucks is going to have a life and a history. 

“Each one of our customers contributes to us achieving these great milestones and each one of the latest 10,000 trucks since we celebrated 70,000 in March 2021 represents the growth of our business and the strength of our product. Our trucks are built for the environment in which we operate, which sets us apart from any other brand. 

“We thank many of our local supply partners, many of whom have worked with us for decades, that have enabled us to build every single Kenworth truck, all 80,000 of them. We demand the highest level of quality and service from our suppliers and they continue to deliver for us, so we can continue to deliver to our customers.” 


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