Kitted out Kenworth T909 goes on award winning streak

Kenworth T909

Winning trophies is something many associate with high school sport or academics, but over at Deals on Wheels, we prefer the ones associated with trucks.

If you found yourself strolling through the aisles at the 2023 Alexandra show, there would be no way you missed Nick Gierisch’s 2021 Kenworth T909.

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Decked out to the nines in chrome work, glossy paint and carefully thought out extras, the truck would even make a normal person double-take.

It should come as no surprise that the Kenworth took home Truck of the Show, stamping its notoriety into the history books.

But what you may not know, is that ‘Dancing in the Dark’ took home Best in Show only a few months earlier at the Boort Truck Show.

A blank canvas for the Gierisch’s to put their spin on

“That was our debut show,” Nick says.

“We finally had it all finished and decided to take it out.

“We had no idea it would win.”

Despite his humble attitude, the truck was destined for trophies the moment it had its final polish.

Buying the rig right off the factory line in 2020, Nick patiently awaited the arrival of his new play toy.

“We didn’t end up getting it until 2021, and then it took a whole year to make the truck exactly how we wanted it,” Nick says.

Originally running his business Gierisch Bros Trucking with his brother, Nick says they had a definite preference for flashy Kenworth’s.

“Over the years we have had four Kenworth’s and one Peterbilt.”

“We usually ended up going with Kenworth because they are the most reliable.”

Ensuring everything was perfect was crucial

Nick says they always had big plans for the new addition, purposefully leaving off factory extras that they wanted to spruce up themselves.

“It was backed up with a lot from the factory, but we also left a lot off knowing we had a lot of work we wanted to do.”

“The list was very long,” he chuckles.

Originally coming to them with a high-rise bunk, they immediately took the roof off and installed a low-line roof.

“With doing this meant we had to do an entirely new interior.”

And that’s not where it ended.

“We had it repainted and added a lot of stainless steel and all of those extras.”

The glossy black, red and gold paint job makes it unmissable on the road

Nick sent the truck to kings of cool, Justin and Turk Klos who had a few ideas of their own for the stainless-steel work and lights.

“We tried to do as much as we could, but sometimes you just have to go to someone with more experience,” he says.

The paint job was done by Wayne from Allstate and was spot-on, with the glossy black, red and gold making it unmissable on the road.

The sign work and line work were all hand painted by Heath Saunders from Saunders signs.

Nick and Andrew Plant at AJP fabrication tackled most of the work, while Nick and his brother Ben finished off the interior.

The padded interior makes it look luxe

When she was finally ready, Nick put the Kenworth T909 straight to work carting bitumen.

“It carts bitumen out of the refineries all around the place, delivering to road crews and whoever necessary.”

After a full year warming up on the road, it was time to hit Alexandra, instantly becoming a hit.

“It turned a lot of heads everywhere. Everyone had questions about it because it is quite a unique truck.”

“I definitely didn’t expect it to win at all though. When they called my name out I was in shock.”

Kenworth T909
Nick added new stainless and accessories to make it pop

Nick says the praise was unexpected, and guesses the winning streak is because “it’s something a bit different than normal.”

Making the trek to Alexandra again this year, the Kenworth T909 definitely stood out.

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