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2013 has seen Jost Australia release and absolute plethora of new products onto the market.

Prominent among these new releases have been the Jost wheels products, in particular Jost have made major inroads into the aluminium wheel section of the market, with many trailer builders and fleets now specifying the Jost product.

Jost will be looking at expanding the range during 2014 due to the ever increasing number of enquiries.

Jost Wheel 22.58.25 Hydrocar Valve


The Safetytrim wheel safety products and the Jost tyre pressure indicators have also been very well received and Jost look forward to increasing sales of these products in 2014.

Also new in 2013 were the Hydrocar range of products, featuring a complete range of PTOs, pumps, valves and hand controls, in fact everything that Jost needed to provide an increasing customer base with a complete hydraulic solution to go with the Jost hydraulic cylinder range. This is a market which Jost will be aggressively pursuing during next year.

Hydrocar Bent Axis Piston Pump

A completely new range of Josts own double row ballraces also made their debut in 2013 and as well as incorporating these into their own stabilised assemblies, many trailer builders have been impressed with the quality and pricing of these products which are available in 12 tonne models right up to 30 tonne models, offering their customers a comprehensive range of options.

A new model of Modul aluminium leg has also been released this year and for those looking seriously at significant weight savings should have a look at this product. They offer weight savings of between 40-60 kgs over standard landing legs dependent upon makes and models, for instance the A foot model with a 520mm model weighs in at just 62.5 kgs.

Jost are also targeting the agricultural markets and are now offering a comprehensive range of Rockinger and Buyers products for this industry. Significant growth is expected during 2014 in this market sector.

ROCKINGER RI 880K10040 Long Ladder 3302632 CW Ball ROCKINGER RO560X3000C Coupling For Agriculture CW Adaptor Plate

A range of new fifthwheels was also released in 2013 and tested here in Australia to local requirements. 2014 will see the new models hit the markets with the JSK 37 CX heavy duty version of Australia’s most popular fifthwheel being made available. The JSK 39 CS heavy duty model available in standard and now a new greaseless version, plus the biggest of them all the JSK 52 extreme heavy duty fifthwheel, specifically designed for Australian conditions and suited to off road, mining and side tipper applications, this is sure to be a winner for Jost.

However that’s not the end of it, Jost Australia will have further exciting new products coming in 2014 to further enhance their range.

To back all these new products up, Jost Australia have appointed three new Product Managers to look after these new additions, Michael Garley, National Product Manager for Agricultural Products, Ben Crowther, National Product Manager for Wheel Products and David Green, National Product Manager for Hydraulic products.

2014 is going to be a period of growth and expansion for Jost Australia.

For more details, visit Jost Australia.

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