Mack bicentennial Super-Liner drew eyes at Kyabram Mack Muster


The bulldogs bark could be heard all across Kyabram this past weekend, as over 181 Macks descended upon the 2024 Kyabram Mack Muster.

Making a triumphant return after a six-year hiatus headed by the pandemic, organisers rejoiced after seeing their hard work pay off.

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“We set a record this year with 181 Macks. There was about 52 of other makes of trucks there, so around 230 trucks overall,” organiser David Willis says.

“I mean we were just wrapped; it was a huge event for us.”

Even the vintage models were in immaculate condition (Image: Heatherbelle Clark Lovett)

Macks from all walks of life graced the town, with almost every model and make accounted for.

A standout at the event was a 1988 Mack bicentennial Super-Liner.

“The bicentennial Super-Liners are pretty special trucks,” David says. “They’ve got a pretty unique colour scheme.”

Back in 1988, Mack thought of a unique way to celebrate Australia’s bicentennial year and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Mack Trucks down under – a limited edition truck.

A standout at the event was a 1988 Mack bicentennial Super-Liner (Image: Moon the Trucker)

“At the time, when they came out, there was only 16 of them made like that. All 16 still exists, which is quite amazing as well. But to get two of them at a show is just incredible.”

Dion Wilsons 1978 Super-Liner was a head-turner (Image: Wayne Goldsmith)

One of the organisers David Daws brought down a 1923 AC Mack that blew people away.

“We are pretty sure it the oldest surviving Australian Mack, and it’s been fully restored,” David says.

To show off the 100-year-old rig in all its glory, it had its moment parked up at the front gate.

Trucks new and old graced the grounds (Image: Wayne Goldsmith)

Also joining the kennel up the front was a couple of 2000 Centennial Tridents and the brand-new Super-Liner.

The successful event saw over 1000 attendees eager to take a peek at famous B-Model variants, F-Model cabovers through to the R-Models, Value-Liners and more.

The event also included a dinner with 165 attendees and presentations from former Mack employees – Russell Simpson and Dennis Taylor – who travelled down from Brisbane.

Macks weren’t the only ones showing off; this 1966 Atkinson sure got a fair share of attention (Image: Wayne Goldmsith)

“There were people old and young at the dinner. Everyone was hanging on to every word they said, it was just great.”

Defying a seemingly endless supply of odds thrown their way, David says he still can’t believe the support they received.

“We were honestly overwhelmed,” he says.

“We really only put the event together in about four and a half months after we had a lot of things change and cancel on us.”

Now fully back in the swing of things, start thinking and prepping for the 2026 Kyabram Mack Muster, which David says he cannot wait for.

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