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Mack Trucks have been manufacturing trucks since 1907, and has since established itself as one of the most recognisable truck brands in the world. This page is dedicated to all things Mack, including news, reviews, specifications, and trucks for sale.

Mack’s iconic bulldog logo was officially established in 1922, and is said to have originated with British Officers in World War I who admired the tenacity of the trucks.  Mack trucks continue to be manufactured in Australia out of the Wacol factory in Queensland.

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Latest Mack Truck News

Keep an eye on this space for all the latest Mack news, including new truck releases, product recalls, and more.

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Mack Truck Dealers in Australia has a significant number of dealers around the country selling all types of Macks. To find Mack truck dealers near you, select a state below. If you are just looking for a dealer that stocks Mack truck parts or accessories, select your state in the right hand column below.

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Mack Truck Reviews

Our expert reviewers have years of experience in driving and testing the latest trucks, engines, and machinery. For Mack reviews that you can trust, look no further.

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Used Mack Trucks

We love our trucks, and so do the colourful characters that feature in our used truck reviews. We speak to some of the people behind the wheel to see what they feel about their rigs and living the truckers lifestyle. Mack trucks in particular seem to attract a special kind of passion. Read on for some insight in to the lives of Mack fans, owners, drivers. and collectors.

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