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Mercedes-Benz is well known for luxury cars, but the Daimler-owned truck division has quite a history in the Australian market.  For all things Mercedes-Benz trucks, including news, dealers, reviews, and specs, stay on this page.

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Mercedes-Benz Truck Dealers in Australia

There is a large amount of dealers in Australia selling Mercedes-Benz trucks, use the column on the left below to find on close to you. If instead you are looking for Mercedes-Benz parts, select your state from the list on the right below.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Dealers

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Mercedes-Benz Truck Reviews

We have comprehensive reviews of not just Mercedes-Benz trucks, but commercial vans as well. Read on for trustworthy reviews from writers with extensive experience in the field.

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Used Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Our used truck reviews are an opportunity to talk to Mercedes-Benz truck drivers and hear their stories.

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