Merton Show ‘n’ Shine wants more trucks!

The Merton Show 'n' Shine is set to amaze this weekend, with organisers urging truckies to bring their rigs along!

The second annual Merton Show ‘n’ Shine is gearing up for another fantastic display of classic vehicles.

Organiser Leonie Griffin says she was blown away by the community support in their first year, with over 85 vehicles showing up and showing out.

“We had vehicles ranging from motorbikes, trucks and cars. And even a couple of tractors,” she says.

Motorbike clubs have expressed their excitement for this years event! (Image: Leonie Griffin)

“We estimated that we had upwards of about 500 attendees.”

Griffins expects this year to exceed expectations, receiving eager phone calls from truckies and car owners in anticipation.

“I’ve had people call me about bringing their trucks and we’ve said yes, of course.”

“We’ve also been told that it’s been promoted on social media sites for big rigs and trucks and we hope to see more trucks attend this year.”

Griffin divulged that her aspiration is to see the 1.4km race track at the Merton Recreation Reserve completely filled with vehicles.

“I do have this aspiration to get vehicles all the way around,” she says.

“I really do want a lot of vehicles to come in the next couple of years, and that’s what I’d like to achieve.

“And trucks obviously take up more room. So imagine if so many of them came, it would just make it a lot easier to achieve that.”

The Merton Show ‘n’ Shine will be held on February 11 from 9am – 2pm at the Merton Recreation Reserve, with exhibitors urged to come a bit early.

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes will be in attendance! (Image: Leonie Griffin)

There will of course be some competition, with entries for judging closing at 12pm, and winners announced at 1pm.

Some of the categories include: vehicle of the show, best modified car, best restoration and more.

The Show ‘n’ Shine entry fee for exhibitors is $15 for vehicles and $10 for motorbikes (Entry fees include the driver/rider).

Spectators entry will be $5 for everyone 12+ years.

To pre-register your vehicle and to go in the draw for a prize pack worth $500, visit here. 

All monies raised will go toward funding community projects such as sporting facilities, upkeep/restoration of the Memorial Hall and Recreation Reserve for use by the community and helping local families in need.

If you’re not a vehicle fanatic don’t stress, the event will be catering to everyone with market stalls, live music, car boot stalls, food trucks, kids entertainment and more!

It is guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family.

If you were looking for a way to stand out with your truck, Deals on Wheels chatted with a truck show judge on how you can put your best foot forward in the competition. Check it out here! 

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