More upgrades to begin at Hume Highway at South Gundagai

A further $6 million in upgrades is set to begin at Hume Highway near Gundagai, with traffic delays and reduced speed limits

The next round of upgrades are set to begin on the Hume Highway near Gundagai on February 5, with changed traffic conditions in place.

Since 2021, $12 million has been invested in the upgrade of 15 kilometres of the Hume Highway, south of Gundagai.

A further $6 million has been committed by the NSW government, for upgrades that will include rebuilding the road surface, upgrading safety barriers and a median island on the southbound carriageway from the south of Sheahan Bridge to 500 metres south of South Street.

Transport for NSW regional director south Cassandra Ffrench says, “The existing road surface is damaged and aged, resulting in high routine maintenance costs.”

“These repairs will not only reduce these costs but also provide a stronger, smoother and safer road surface on the Hume Highway which will benefit the 12,000 motorists who use this section every day.”

The works are set to begin on February 5 and are expected to be completed by late April.

“To limit impacts to motorists, the work will be split in two parts with the first focusing on the southbound carriageway between Middle Street and Jessops Lagoon Road,” Ffrench says.

“Transport will close the southbound carriageway with all southbound traffic diverted to the northbound carriageway under two-way lanes.”

During this period, the only access into South Gundagai from the highway will be via Middle Street with South Street access restricted to vehicles exiting South Gundagai to the Hume Highway southbound carriageway.

After the completion of the first section, work will move to the southbound carriageway between Sheahan Bridge and Middle Street which will involve single lane closures and reduced speed limits.

Be prepared for reduced speeds of 40 km/h, 60 km/h and 80 km/h.

Work will be carried out weekdays from 7am to 10pm and Saturdays from 8am to 1pm from Monday 5 February.

Transport for NSW says oversize and over mass vehicles will be required to pull over at the designated heavy vehicle parking bays about five kilometres north of Gundagai on the southbound carriageway and two kilometres south of Gundagai on the northbound carriageway.

They will be required to call the UHF number listed on electronic signage before entering the work zone.

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