NARVA unveils latest additions to LED range

New additions to the company's lighting range have become available, giving customers more access to customisation than ever
While the globe packaging has changed and now features stronger Narva branding, the inside are the same Narva globes that purchasers know and trust.

Lighting and electrical manufacturer NARVA is offering drivers more options in its lighting bar range, unveiling new technology this week.

The company is adding new light bar to its EX2 range, giving drivers greater choice in their lighting.

Lights in the EX2 range have been available since early 2023, as four, six, seven and nine-inch diameter driving lights.

The EX2 LED bars now include 10″ single and double row, 20″ single and double row and 30″ single and double row, giving drivers access to a number of sizes across the range.

These bars feature high power 5W ‘Cree’ LEDs deliver an intense hybrid beam pattern, providing strong lighting while minimising dark spots.

Output per bar ranges from 2,235 effective lumens and 1 Lux at 284m and 1 Lux at a width of 34m for the 10″ single row model, to 15,084 effective lumens and 1 Lux at 724m and 1 Lux at a width of 100m for the 30″ double row lamp.

Much like the rest of NARVA’s range, the EX2 comes with high levels of customisation, allowing drivers to personalise their lights.

In addition to the regular range, Narva also offers an ‘R’ spec which features an ADR-approved white front position light enabled with RGB technology.

Available via a 12V RGB Bluetooth Controller Kit, this technology allows up to 48 other colour selections in addition to the standard eight options for the front position lights when in use off-road. This customisation is accessed via a smart phone app.

The controller features a pre-fused cable and is included within the pair of 7″ (p/n 72174) and a pair of 9″ (p/n 72184) EX2R driving lights kits and with the 20″ (p/n 72844) and 30″ (p/n 72852) EX2R double row light bar kits allowing users to change their position lights from ADR approved white when in use off road.

NARVA says the new range is easy to install, and comes with a seven year ‘no fault’ warranty included with all purchases.

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